Automatic Step  Voltage Regulator

Product Overview

Capacity: 6KV, 11KV & 33KV system and upto 10000KVA

The Automatic Step Voltage Regulator (ASVR) is manufactured using modern-day technologies to ensure a stable and consistent output voltage in the face of varying input high voltages. With three different models to suit various needs, the ASVR uses cutting-edge technology to smoothly control and optimize voltage levels.

Key Features:
The ASVR are available in three types -
• Type A: The ASVR comes with an On Load Tap Changer that helps the tap maintain its desired output voltage automatically even when the input high voltage experiences variations within the range of 15-20% of the rated voltage.
• Type B: If input high voltage variations exceed 20% of the rated voltage, the ASVR integrates an OLTC with a star-connected high-voltage autotransformer. This adaptive configuration, placed in a single cabinet, helps in effective voltage regulation by selecting the appropriate tap automatically.
• Type C: In cases where a standard step-down transformer is already in place or when dealing with high transformer capacities exceeding 2 MVA, the ASVR can be installed in a separate cabinet. This configuration features an auto-transformer with OLTC, delivering regulated HT voltage to the step-down transformer for optimal performance.

Technical Specifications

• Voltage Regulation Range: 15-20% (Type A), >20% (Type B), Variable (Type C)
• Tap Changing Mechanism: ON LOAD TAP CHANGER (OLTC)
• Transformer Types: Step-down transformer, High voltage auto transformer (star-connected), Auto-transformer with OLTC
• Capacity: Suitable for transformers exceeding 250KVA (Type C)

Benefits & Applications


•  ASVR ensures a constant and regulated output voltage, securing the connected equipment from fluctuations in the input high voltage.
•  As it has automated tap-changing mechanisms, it can eliminate the manual intervention needs by adapting in real time to varying input conditions.


•  Suitable for sectors with erratic power supplies, the ASVR offers a steady voltage output to safeguard delicate machinery and equipment.
•  For larger transformers than 2MVA, the Type C configuration of the ASVR provides a customized solution for power distribution systems.

Quality and Compliance

•   Certifications: IS/2026, IS/1180, IS/11171
•   Quality Assurance: We assure quality for all our products starting from the design to production to labor and quality people. Our transformers are quality-focused and dynamic toward ensuring excellent performance.

Support and Services

•   Installation Services: We have an Electrical Contractor License for Installation support.
•   Maintenance and Repair Services: Repair services are available only for our Own Manufactured Transformers.

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In what scenarios should Type A, B, or C configurations of the ASVR be used?

Type A is suitable when input high voltage variations are within 15-20% of the rated voltage. Type B is recommended for variations exceeding 20%, and Type C is ideal for situations with existing step-down transformers or capacities exceeding 2MVA.

How does the ASVR contribute to equipment protection?

By maintaining a stable output voltage, the ASVR can contribute to protecting the equipment from the adverse effects of voltage fluctuations. It ensures the longevity and reliability of the system.

What is the capacity range of the ASVR?

The ASVR is suitable for transformers exceeding 2 MVA in type C configuration. For Type A and B, the capacity is adaptable to the specified input voltage variations.

Can the ASVR be customized for specific industrial applications?

The present product range of Makpower includes ASVRs in 6 KV, 11 KV & 33 KV systems and up to 10000 KVA. We also manufacture tailor-made equipment as per the requirements of our customers.