Rectifier Converter Duty Transformer

Product Overview

Capacity: upto 22MVA of voltage class up to 33KV

Makpower presents the Rectifier/Converter Duty Transformer, a technology-driven solution for various types of industries. This category of transformers is expertly engineered to meet the unique demands of Motor drive applications, offering great performance and reliability.

Key Features:
• Versatile design: The transformers are versatile and capable of accommodating one or more output windings.
• Motor Drives Application: The transformers are specially designed for motor drive application to ensure seamless operation.
• 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier: A three-phase bridge rectifier built into the power cell helps to improve the transformer's efficiency under a range of operating conditions.
• Harmonic mitigation: The transformers can efficiently handle harmonics generated by drives. The transformer can effectively minimize its impact.
• LV and MV Drive Compatibility: The transformers can meet the requirements of both Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) drives, providing flexibility across a range of applications.

Technical Specifications

• The transformers are configurable for one or more windings and adaptable to rectifier loads.
• Two types of rectifiers, Multi-pulse and Multi-winding, are designed for motor drive applications.
• The transformers have a 3-phase bridge rectifier for enhanced efficiency.
• Efficient enough to address and mitigate the harmonics generated by drives.
• Compatible to both Low and medium-voltage drive applications.

Benefits & Applications


•  The Rectifier/Converter Duty Transformer helps in reliable operation that promotes the overall performance of the motor drive system.
•  Addressing the harmonics transformers helps in maintaining a stable power supply which extends the life of the transformers.
•  Suitable for a wide range of industries, the transformers have their applications in low and medium-voltage drive setups.


•  Industrial Drives: The transformer improves the reliability and efficiency of industrial drive systems, making it perfect for applications involving motor drives.
•  Power Distribution: Adaptable to a variety of operating environments, this power distribution solution is well-suited for Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) drive setups.

Quality and Compliance

•   Certifications: IS/2026
•   Quality Assurance: We assure quality for all our products starting from the design to production to labor and quality people. Our transformers are quality-focused and dynamic toward ensuring excellent performance.

Support and Services

•   Installation Services: We have an Electrical Contractor License for Installation support.
•   Maintenance and Repair Services: Repair services are available only for our Own Manufactured Transformers.

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Rectifier Converter Duty Transformer
Rectifier Converter Duty Transformer
Rectifier Converter Duty Transformer
Rectifier Converter Duty Transformer

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What is the primary application of the Rectifier/Converter Duty Transformer?

The transformer is specifically designed for Motor drive applications, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in industrial drive systems.

How does the Rectifier/Converter Duty Transformer contribute to harmonic control?

The transformer is equipped with features designed to mitigate the effects of harmonics generated by drives, promoting a stable power supply and extending the lifespan of connected equipment.

Can the transformer accommodate multiple output windings?

Yes, the transformer is designed to be versatile, and capable of accommodating one or more output windings to efficiently cater to rectifier loads.

What types of rectifiers are supported by this transformer?

Specifically made for motor drive applications, the transformer supports multi-pulse, multi-winding rectifiers.