Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers

Product Overview

Range: 500KVA upto 24MVA

Ladle Refining Arc Furnace Transformer, commonly known as LRF Transformer, is a crucial component in the steel industry. These transformers facilitate the ladle refining process in AC furnaces, where stability is paramount during the arcing between electrodes and molten steel.

Key Features:
• These transformers can exceptionally deliver high currents across a broad spectrum of voltages
• The transformers are engineered very carefully and exhibit robustness in both designs and workmanship
• The LRF transformers have short-circuit resistance properties.
• The transformers are engineered with a focus on thermal stress. They have various inbuilt cooling options to prevent overheating

Technical Specifications

The LRF Transformers are characterized by their excellent technical prowess. They can effectively meet the demands of the steel refining process.
• The transformers are compatible with AC furnaces and ensure seamless integration into ladle refining processes.
• They are capable of delivering high-voltage current that makes them versatile in application scenarios
• Engineered to endure frequent short circuits on the secondary side, enhancing operational reliability
• The transformers can withstand high thermal stress with several cooling options that can dissipate heat and prevent overheating.

Benefits & Applications


•  The robust design and other configurations make the transformers highly reliable and ensure exceptional performance in the ladle refining process.
•  Due to their short-circuit resistance and thermal stress management properties, the lifespan of these transformers is high.


•  These transformers can be deployed in various ladle refining scenarios.
•  The transformers are utilized mainly in the steel industries to manufacture high-quality steel products by facilitating the ladle refining process.

Quality and Compliance

•   Certifications:IS/2026, IS/5553, IS/12977
•   Quality Assurance: We assure quality for all our products starting from the design to production to labor and quality people. Our transformers are quality-focused and dynamic toward ensuring excellent performance.

Support and Services

•   Installation Services: We have an Electrical Contractor License for Installation support.
•   Maintenance and Repair Services: Repair services are available only for our Own Manufactured Transformers.

Products Images

Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers
Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers
Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers
Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers
Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers
Ladle Refining Arc  Furnace Transformers

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What sets LRF transformers apart from other transformers in the market?

Their high-voltage current-delivering capabilities, robust designs, short-circuit resistance, and thermal stress management properties set them apart from others in the market.

Can these transformers handle the different voltage and current requirements?

Yes, LRF transformers are capable of handling a high-level current of different voltages. It makes the transformers versatile for ladle refining applications.

Are Ladle Refining Arc Furnace Transformers suitable for specific types of furnaces?

Yes, these transformers are specially engineered for AC furnaces. It ensures seamless integration into the ladle refining processes.

What kind of support or maintenance is required for LRF Transformers?

LRF Transformers are designed for durability and minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and adherence to recommended maintenance schedules will help ensure optimal performance over time.