Product Overview

Capacity: 60MVA upto 132KV

Makpower proudly introduces its Power Transformers, versatile and high-quality solutions for various power requirements. The transformers are available in two types of variants, on-load and off-circuit. It allows the transformers to play a crucial role in supplying power to residential, commercial, and bulk consumers through receiving substations.

Key Features:
• Type variety: these transformers are designed for a wide range of applications such as delivering power to residential, commercial, and bulk consumers.
• Voltage capacity: The transformers have a substantial capacity, reaching upto 60MVA in the 132KV Voltage Class.
• Low energy loss: These transformers ensure low energy loss during power transmission.
• Robust construction: The transformers are robust in construction and provide durability and reliability in diverse operating conditions.
• In-house testing: Our dedicated in-house testing setup guarantees the quality and performance of these transformers.

Technical Specifications

The power transformers are engineered with precision to meet the technical demands of modern power distribution.
Key specifications include
Variance: On-load and off-circuit tap switch are the two variants of this transformer.
Capacity: The transformers are manufactured with a capacity of 60MVA.
Voltage class: The voltage class of these transformers manfactured by us is 132KV.
Energy efficiency: Ensures low energy losses during power transmission.
Construction: Robust construction ensures durability and reliability

Benefits & Applications


•  Makpower's Power transformers are energy efficient. They focus on minimizing energy losses and promoting cost-effective and environmentally friendly power distribution.
•  The robust construction and in-house testing process ensure reliability by making this transformer a perfect choice in challenging operational conditions.


•  Versatility: Designed to meet a variety of power distribution needs, these transformers are used in residential, commercial, and bulk consumer settings. They are tailored for a wide range of applications.
•  Infrastructure Support: These transformers can withstand the rigors of contemporary power distribution systems because of Makpower's top-notch infrastructure.

Quality and Compliance

•   Certifications: IS/2026
•   Quality Assurance: We assure quality for all our products starting from the design to production to labor and quality people. Our transformers are quality-focused and dynamic toward ensuring excellent performance.

Support and Services

•   Installation Services: We have an Electrical Contractor License for Installation support.
•   Maintenance and Repair Services: Repair services are available only for our Own Manufactured Transformers.

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What is the difference between on-load and off-circuit tap switch transformers?

On-load tap switch transformers allow adjustments to the turn ratio while the transformer is energized, offering more flexibility. Whereas, Off-circuit tap switch transformers require the transformer to be de-energized during adjustments.

What is the significance of the 132KV Voltage class?

The 132KV Voltage class denotes that the transformer is capable of handling voltages up to 132000 volts. It makes the transformer suitable for medium to high-power distribution applications.

What makes your transformers energy-efficient?

Our transformers' low energy loss during power transmission promotes efficiency and lowers overall operating expenses.

How does Makpower ensure the reliability of its transformers?

Makpower ensures reliability through robust construction and rigorous in-house testing. Our transformers undergo stringent quality checks before reaching customers.