Auxiliary Transformers

Product Overview

Capacity: upto 6MVA of voltage class upto 66KV

Makpowers presents the Auxiliary Copper Wound Transformer, a high-performance solution engineered for various industries. With our manufacturing expertise, the transformers come with a high rating from 3000 KVA - 6000 KVA using special technology. This innovative approach helps to stimulate robustness, mitigating the hot-spot heating in the windings. At Makpowers, we believe in setting industry standards by adopting unique design concepts that ensure the longevity of our transformers.

Key Features:
• Superior performance: The CTC conductors in LV winding stimulate robustness and ensure superior performance.
• Robust design: Our manufacturing processes include a design that surpasses industry norms ensuring reliability and durability in diverse operational conditions.
• Extended lifespan: Using special technology in manufacturing the transformers not only boosts performance but also contributes to a longer lifespan. All these factors make the transformers cost-effective in the long run.

Technical Specifications

The Auxiliary Copper Wound Transformers are available in a range of technical specifications to meet various customers' needs. Such as -
Power Ratings: High Ratings from 3000KVA to 6000KVA
Technology: Special Technology to prevent Hot-spot heating
Customization: Transformers can be custom-built to meet the unique requirements of individual customers.

Benefits & Applications


•  Our transformers are popular for their robust designs and durable performance.
•  As the transformers are manufactured using special technology, it minimizes energy loss and optimizes the operational costs.
•  The transformers ensure a longer lifespan that reduces frequent replacements and maintenance.


•  Industrial Sector: Ideal for various industries requiring transformers with high power ratings and reliability.
•  Custom Solutions: Tailored to meet the specific needs of customers, ensuring compatibility with unique operational requirements.

Quality and Compliance

•   Certifications: IS/2026, IS/1180, IS/11171, IS/5553, IS/12977.
•   Quality Assurance: We assure quality for all our products starting from the design to production to labor and quality people. Our transformers are quality-focused and dynamic toward ensuring excellent performance.

Support and Services

•   Installation Services: We have an Electrical Contractor License for Installation support.
•   Maintenance and Repair Services: Repair services are available only for our Own Manufactured Transformers.

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Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers

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What sets these transformers apart from others in the industry?

We use special manufacturing technology particularly in LIV winding with CTC conductors. This sets us apart from the other manufacturers in the industry.

Despite the use of advanced technology, are these transformers cost-effective?

We find that even though Special Technology is more expensive initially, it ends up being more cost-effective over time because of its improved longevity and performance, making traditional methods obsolete.

What safety features are there in Makpowers transformers?

Safety features like temperature monitoring, protection from overload, and ensuring safe and reliable operation in various industrial settings are integrated into these transformers.

How does makpowers ensure the quality of their transformers?

Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain strict quality control procedures and carry out exhaustive testing to guarantee that every transformer satisfies our exacting standards before customer delivery.