Panel Board

Product Overview

Makpower's LV Control Panels are carefully engineered to meet diverse industrial needs. The panels are crafted from 2mm thick CRCA sheet steel which makes the panels more robust and reliable. The panels are free-standing, dust, and vermin-proof, providing a fully compartmentalized structure. They are suitable for 3-phase, 415 volts, TPN, 50 Hz, and AC supply systems with the options for single or double fronts.

Key Features:
• The panels are rated at IP:52 which ensures a high level of protection from environmental factors.
• Electrolytic grade, high conductivity Copper Busbar having a current density of 1.6 Amp/ are Electrolytic E91E grade Aluminium Busbars having a current density of 1.0 amp/ are used in these panels.
• The busbars are covered with heat-shrinkable PVC sleeves that offer insulation and protection with color coding for identification.
• FRP supports are provided to enhance the structural integrity of the panels.
• Synthetic rubber gaskets on doors, cut-outs, and cable entry plates make the panel completely dust, damp, and vermin-proof.
• The panels have a thorough nine-tank hot phosphating process.

Technical Specifications

• The panels are fabricated from best quality 2 mm thick CRCA Sheet steel.
•  They are free-standing, dust and vermin-proof, fully compartmentalized, single or double front, suitable for 3 phase, 415 Volts, TPN, 50 Hz, AC supply system.
• Busbars: Copper electrolytic grade having a current density of 1.6 Amp/ and Aluminium E91E having a current density of 1.0 Amp/
•  The protection class of the panel is rated at IP: 52.
•  Necessary FRP supports are also given for Robust construction & to withstand Short circuit conditions.
•  The panel shall be finished with oven-baked Powder coasting to shade no. RAL7032.

Benefits & Applications


•  Reliability: Ensures a dependable power distribution system with high-quality components and robust construction.
•  Versatility: Suitable for various industries due to its flexibility, compartmentalization, and comprehensive protection features.


The product range of this panel is huge. Based on their type of application, they can be divided into three categories -
•  Power control: Power Control Centre, Motor Control Centre, and Power Distribution Boards.
•  Automation: Automatic Power Factor Controller, 33KV Relay Control Panel, Automatic Change Over Panels, and Auto-mains failure Panels.
•  Specialized control: Furnace Control Desks, Distribution Boards, Control Boards, Synchronizing Control Panel, D.G. Set Main Control Panel, L.T. Bus Duct System.

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What is the primary material used in the construction of Makpower LV Control Panels?

Makpower LV Control Panels are crafted from high-quality 2 mm thick CRCA Sheet steel.

Can these panels be used in different industrial applications?

Yes, Makpower LV Control Panels are versatile and can be used for a range of applications, including power control, automation, and specialized control in different industries.

What makes these panels dust and vermin-proof?

The panels have the best quality synthetic rubber gaskets on doors, cut-outs, and cable entry plates, ensuring complete dust, dampness, and vermin-proofing.

How is the color coding implemented in the panels?

Color coding is applied to the heat-shrinkable PVC sleeves on the Busbars for easy and clear identification of different components within the panel.